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Natural Environment

Stretching in a beautiful valley of the Troodos mountain region is the village of Fterikoudi, a community where different variations of green dominate the environment, while cultivated and uncultivated expanses of land mingle thus creating images of unique beauty.

The uncultivated pieces of land are covered by rich wild vegetation such as thyme, ladanum, terebinths and golden oaks, while several slopes of the village are covered by pine trees. Also, there are various greenery areas with pines, cypresses, ornamental plants and several other species of the Cypriot flora.

Fterikoudi is a place which provides shelter to several species of the Cypriot fauna. This happens mainly due to the rich vegetation of the village and also because it borders with the Adelfoi forest. Among the species of fauna which visit the village are the nightingales which enchant the village with their joyful melodies every spring.

At the cultivated expanses of land of the village one can encounter hazel, almond, apple and cherry trees, as well as fruit and vegetables, while olive trees and some vines are also cultivated in the village. As far as olive cultivation is concerned, this is quite developed in contrast to vine cultivation, while it is worth mentioning that at the village there are 1300 olive trees, among them being a lot of age-long ones. On the other hand, only 370 square kilometres of land are covered by vines, with the cultivated grape varieties being those of black and “xinisteri”. Additionally, vine cultivators produce wine, “zivania” and other traditional products from grape juice. 


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Kyriakos Mousoulis, Community Council President 


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