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Osios Avvakoum

The beautiful community of Fterikoudi provided shelter to miracle-maker Saint Avvacum. The grave of Saint Avvacum and the church dedicated to his name constitute an attraction for several Christians. 

Below you can browse through the book of Dr Charalambous M. Boushia, Great Hymnographer of the Alexandrian Church bearing the Ancient Greek title “Κανών Παρακλητικός εις τον Όσιον και Θεοφόρον Πατέρα Ημών Αββακούμ τον εν όρει της Καλαμιθίας ασκήσαντα”.

It is worth noting that apart from the Benedictine Canon, this book also presents the life and some of the miracles performed by the Saint. 

Click here to access the book.


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